User Upgrade Management

Allows managing user upgrades through the frontend using permissions.
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Manage user upgrades of your forum members directly on their profiles! Manage user upgrades based on permissions, there is no need to access the admin panel anymore.

In addition to the management of user upgrades, this add-on also allows you to influence the runtime of active user upgrades. Thus, additional days, months, years can be added quickly and easily for active user upgrades - and this directly on the user profiles.
For this functionality it is also possible to use redeem codes to either get completely new user upgrades or to credit days, months and years for running user upgrades.

This means: if a day, a month or a year is saved for an ongoing user upgrade by this AddOn (either by a redeem code or on the member profile), this will be added to the ongoing upgrade.

  • View user upgrades on member profiles
  • Manage user upgrades on member profiles
  • Redeem user upgrades

Product Information

XenForo 2.1 and higher
Release date
Last update

Pricing information

6 Months
Renewal cost